Smart Home Display Centre (NOT LINKED)


Smart Home Display Centre

Our Smart Home Display Centre allows you to see and try out different Smart Technology devices which can help make your home a safer, easier and more comfortable place for you to live. Come and visit us on one of our open days (insert link to events calendar showing open sessions)

We can help with:

  • Identifying what you need to do with technology, such as safety alarms, reducing household tasks or managing your health
  • Finding simple, easy technology that suits your needs and your home
  • Testing out different devices in our Smart Home Display Centre
  • Combining mainstream devices with specialised solutions
  • Programming and setting up your chosen technology in your home

Smart Homes are a way of describing technology systems which are installed inside your home to make it easier or safer to live in. Some examples may be a house where the heating and lights are controlled by your phone or a tablet computer, or where an internet connected alarm system calls for help when you need it. Telehealth technology which allows you to monitor your health and report changes to your Doctor can also be part of a Smart Home system. There is now lots of Smart Home Technology becoming available in Australia, such as the Google Home device, or Appleā€™s HomePod; we can help you find the best way to integrate different pieces of technology to suit your needs, and can offer support with installation and setup if needed.